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018 Personal Growth: Luann Grambow on Selfless Love

What do you do when you have strive for a good and perfect life, but life doesn’t go according to plan?  Our guest today Luann Grambow experienced this conflict and chose to trust God’s actions and take action.  She’s been counseling since 1990 and runs her own practice.  With marriage being her main field of… Continue reading 018 Personal Growth: Luann Grambow on Selfless Love


017 Marriage: Date Night

Introduction Host Vincent Ketchie admits that he has not always been a great “dater.”  Sometimes he has been overeager and gone overboard, other times, he has not considered Laura’s feelings when planning a date.  Even still, there are times when his attitude is not all that great. What Is A Healthy Date? Expectations Every couple… Continue reading 017 Marriage: Date Night

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013 Marriage: Stress-Free Family Holiday

In the United States, we seem to go overboard with the holidays.  We want it all.  We want to do it all.  We want everyone (family) to spend time with us.  Like Clark Griswold in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, we want the perfect Christmas.  But with these unrealistic expectations, we set ourselves up for not… Continue reading 013 Marriage: Stress-Free Family Holiday