Vincent & Laura Ketchie, hosts of "Relationship Helpers"


Show Notes

Vincent & Laura’s goal is to speak biblical guidance into marriage and family issues.

Vincent and Laura introduce listeners to their podcast series “Relationship Helpers.” Both describe their upbringing and the calling on their hearts to become counselors and to start a Christian counseling practice. The “Relationship Helpers” podcast was born out of a desire to reach people with helpful, biblical guidance regarding marriage and family issues.

This weekly podcast features Vincent and Laura, sometimes joined by special guests, tackling hard-hitting issues with biblical advice. Each podcast will average 15 to 40 minutes.

Vincent and Laura are both licensed professional counselors.  They own Christian Counselors of Mooresville in Mooresville, NC.  Vincent specializes in marriage counseling, and Laura specializes in women’s issues.  For more information on counseling, visit their website

Vincent flirting with Laura; hosts of “Relationship Helpers”