034 Personal Growth: Conquering Sexual Sin with Nate Danser


Too often men believe they’re practicing Christians with ‘just a small problem’ when it comes to watching pornography and masturbating. But this ‘small problem’ is part of a bigger problem within themselves.

On today’s show, we’re joined by Nate Danser, a former sexual sinner who works at Pure Life Ministry in 2008 after completing their program. Nate’s conversion experience was when he knew that Jesus lives through all of us – including himself. For Jesus to fully grow and thrive, we needed to do what we can to allow Him to.

Bigger Picture

It’s important to dissect why men commit sexual sin. There’s a bigger picture to all this – it’s men behaving self-centered and not God-centerd.

The act of engaging with pornography is not the main problem – it’s a reflection of man being prideful, and how they seek love from others. Nate quotes Colossians 3:2: “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things”.

“Relying on our strengths is what keeps us from fixing the problem”

Seeking Godly support is a huge step in the recovery process. ‘Recovery’ is also a word with negative connotations, however, men from the Pure Life Ministry Program have not only recovered but they now flourish in their relationships with God. “Do what you can to allow Jesus to live His life in us.”

For Wives

It’s an overwhelming journey for the wife when she discovers her husband’s perversions. It’s important to seek Godly counsel.

Seeking opinion from close friends or others around you distorts the reality and emotions even more, which can negatively affect the husband’s path to recovery. By giving the husband time and space, he’s on the path to victory if he’s willing to repent. 

Programs at Pure Life Ministry

All programs are taught by former sexual sinners. For more information, and to apply to one of their programs click here. 

  • Residential: two phase program totaling 9 months on the 45 acre campus ($1000 induction fee + $195 weekly program fee). Must be over 18.
  • At Home: 12 weeks from home via phone call, this program is useful for young people ($800)
  • For Wives: 12 weeks from home via phone call, this program supports wives along the journey ($800)



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Has sexual addiction or sexual sin come between you and your spouse? Nate Danser of Pure Life Ministries describes how to overcome sexual sin in your relationship.

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4 thoughts on “034 Personal Growth: Conquering Sexual Sin with Nate Danser”

  1. Early into our marriage, we realized how much pornography and other culturally accepted sexual images, so prevalent in our society, had affected us both since early childhood. We felt cheated. Those images didn’t make for better sex, in fact they impaired our sex life and relationship. After much prayer and holding ourselves accountable to God and each other, we now know real intimacy and our minds are free of old, impure images. Pornography is like meth – it looks enticing, but it reality, it ruins sex.

  2. I appreciate this, but I think it would be really important to mention that this sin does not apply only to men. Women struggle with pornography almost as much as men, so it needs to be discussed.

    1. Thank you Renee for your comment! Yes, women struggle with pornography as well. It would be good to address this struggle from a women’s perspective. Unfortunately, this ministry that Nate is a part of only works with male clients that struggle with sexual addiction. Again, thank you for your comment. We really appreciate it!

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