God sees you differently. In "Why I Don't Like Before and After Photos" I give my personal and professional experience coping with self-image issues and provide helpful tips on a healthy approach to wellbeing from a Christ-centered approach.

019 Personal Growth: Why I Don’t Like Before & After Photos


Laura Ketchie is a Christian therapist, former group exercise instructor and mom.  As a teen, she struggled with restricted eating and excessive exercise habits. She has seen both sides of the struggle: counseled those with self-image issues/taught group exercise, and has experienced the issues herself.  Over time she has overcome these unhealthy habits, but is saddened by our culture’s glorification of “even thinner”.

Before and after pictures bother me.  Yes, I mean those photos of someone who “lost twenty pounds through this program” pictures.  Why?  Every time I look at a “before” picture, I see someone loved by God. Every time I see an “after” picture, I see someone loved by God. But for some reason, we are supposed to celebrate the “after” picture.  That’s sad to me.

Get this: Before and After pictures are only popular because we make them so.  They are a reflection of what our culture clamors for.  They place a premium on what could be rather than what is.  I’ve become astutely attuned to this lately.

I have seen more “before” pictures that make it difficult to understand why there would be an “after.”  In other words, I’m seeing fit people in “before” shots pushing for even fitter “afters.”  It all seems too difficult to attain and maintain.  It sends a message of “you’re not enough.  See this photo of a girl who wears a size two?  Well, now she’s a 00.”

Embrace Your God-Given Body

That’s why I’m so excited about what’s happening counter-culture.  People are embracing their God-given bodies for what they are.  

More and more people in fashion and exercise culture are tossing aside the illusion of perfection and are promoting health.  That means that we celebrate each day, not “the day when I weigh this or the day when I can fit that.”

This diversion from pop culture mentality allows us the freedom to be grateful for the bodies we have and have a gratitude mentality.  It is hard to have an attitude of gratitude when you are striving for illusion.  Punishing yourself for what you look like now does not foster a heart of gratitude for what you have been blessed with.

“We are ungrateful when we fail to recognize how He made us each unique.”


Don’t misunderstand me: I get self-image issues.  I’ve been there.  All the wasted time on pushing myself to extremes to be someone I’m not.  I get it.

It’s taken time through my own struggles with comparing myself to others that has taught me that I was designed intentionally different, just like you were.  The Maker did not make a mistake.  

We are mistaken when we try to force ourselves into a mold that looks like everyone else.  We are not valuing the differences God created in us.  We are ungrateful when we fail to recognize how He made us each unique.

Ouch… The point here is not to shame.  

I just hang on to the hope that others can experience the freedom of letting go of this need to strive for an illusion of perfection.

We have plenty of nay-sayers in this world.  We all need more encouragement.  I am blessed to have this forum to do so.

Join me in loving yourself and others today by stepping outside of yourself and considering how a loving God sees you.  It’s hard to be negative when you look at yourself that way!

God sees you differently. In “Why I Don’t Like Before and After Photos” I give my personal and professional experience coping with self-image issues and provide helpful tips on a healthy approach to wellbeing from a Christ-centered approach.

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Vincent Ketchie, LPC and Laura Ketchie, LPC are the hosts of Relationship Helpers, a podcast where they discuss family issues and interview relationship experts. Vincent and Laura are licensed marriage counselors.

12 thoughts on “019 Personal Growth: Why I Don’t Like Before & After Photos”

  1. SOOOO needed this today. Since being up this morning, I have already spent/wasted time on YouTube (Butter Makes your Pants fall off/Keto Diet/How I lost 134 pounds only eating this). I have never really had the “after” pictures, only the “before”. But when I look back at FB from previous years, I wish I had “loved” myself more.

  2. I completely agree with you on this!! Our society gives weight loss way too much credit. You are given this gold medal when you achieve it, like it makes you better or something. I too once struggled with body image and restricted eating and am loving the freedom I feel on this side of things. It is definitely a message that needs to be shared!

  3. This is why i dont do them. I am in a fitness encouraging group and I straight up tell them. I am not taking before and after pics. My goal is health not image. There’s this 80 day obssession thing going on that women are constantly trying to get me to do and I tell them no. As a foster mom my goal is health for my kids and myself but not portioning and torturing myself. Food should not be a chore. and kids…thats my cardio and strength.

    1. I love your positive attitude! You can still be healthy and love your body without being a part of some fad diet or current obsession. Good for you for making your health a priority but not a chore. Your kids are watching your healthy attitude. You’re sending a good message to them.

  4. I agree and have to remind myself to focus on healthy not skinny as a lifestyle. I woke up this morning a little sad because I had looked at old pictures last night where my post-baby body looks better than it does now. Ouch. But I wouldn’t trade the 10 years wiser that I am! 😉

  5. I’ve had so many body image issues in my life and constantly felt like I was not enough. Culture does give us an unattainable and unrealistic ‘picture’ of how we should look. I have also seen so many ‘before’ pics that left me wondering what that person actually saw when they looked at themselves in the mirror because they already looked good to me. It’s sad, like you said, how we are constantly living for the ‘someday’ rather than enjoying the ‘now’. Thank you for your honesty and sharing this thought provoking post! ❤

  6. Very true. I’ve noticed a counter culture to this as well, where fitspo accounts show the reality morning versus evening and bloating and all other factors that go into our bodies fluctuating in size, weight, etc. It’s refreshing, because they’re focusing on mental health regarding fitness and inspiration rather than promoting an obsession for the after. Social media can be such a double edged sword with everything! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Rachel! We’re glad you stopped by.

      It is good to see that people are choosing to applaud being healthy instead of promoting unrealistic “airbrushed” images of “what women should look like.” Like you said, social media is a double-edged sword, so we’re glad that although there is a lot of negativity out there, there are people out there using social media to promote healthy, realistic living.

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