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There were many signs from God around Elisa “Lisa” Pulliam – today’s guest – signaling to her that she wasn’t practicing what she preached as a Christian. She was brought up with a cross necklace around her neck, yet behaved like a non-Christian.

We learn how through her faith crisis, she became a faithful believer, and why she supports so many individuals today to grow in their relationship with God. Today, Elisa Pulliam is an author, speaker, mentor, life coach, podcaster and founder of More To Be.

“In the times of trial and unknowing, we learn the most about the character of God and the truth of His word” 

Tell Me More About That

In relationships, partners too often focus on what they should say next, and not what should be listen to next. This is parallel with our relationship with God; a deeply rich relationship is when you don’t jump to conclusions but unpack things and give more time to learn and understand why things are happening the way they are.

For Christians struggling to build a deep connection with God, it’s often at transitional points in our lives when we seek more clarity through things, and are more open to the signs from God around us.  

Like An Endurance Runner

Lisa’s advice for people reading the Bible is to absorb it like an endurance runner and allow the depth and meaning from the words to grow through time. This means not to expect immediate effect and change from the first readings.

Many Christians feel frustrated when they check all the Godly boxes but don’t feel the depth in their relationship with God. Through Lisa’s mentoring, she encourages individuals to allow time and patience and let it absorb through daily training.  

“When God changes us, He changes our legacy and then He changes the world”

Maybe you talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk as a Christian. Too often, a ‘faith crisis’ can bubble over time when you don’t pay full attention to signs and words around you from God.

But you can embrace your God-given purpose without insecurities or doubt by being more open, and train yourself for the long-run.

Elisa Pulliam, author of Unblinded Faith – Gaining Spiritual Sight Through Believing God’s Word
Unblinded Faith – Gaining Spiritual Sight Through Believing God’s Word



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